Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was fortunate enough to travel with a local group to France in April. We arrived in Paris just before the volcano erupted in Iceland. By the time we flew home, all flights were back on schedule. Timing is everything!
I'll share just a few highlights:
Mont. St. Michel
When the tide is in, water surrounds this fortified monestary which was first built in 904.
It was added on to for many centuries after.
The rock which the monestary is built on is actually a part of the structure.
Palace of Versailles
Ornate beyond words, 800 rooms for a family of 4!
Queen's bed

Monet's garden

Chateau Chenonceau

Notre Dame

Eiffel Tower
Looking up
From the top
Normandy - Omaha Beach

St. Malo
Located on the north coast of France, this fortified city is surrounded by
a brick wall for protection.
Mussel and treasure hunting are a frequent pastime with the tides changing every 6 hours.

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  1. Great pictures Marti! Looks like the trip was mah-velous. Thanks for sharing them!